What we do

Your company has unique goals, opportunities, resources, strengths, and weaknesses. Our mission is to complement your existing resources with our focused expertise. PearLuna Group consultants are prolific, proficient, and goal-oriented. There are often times when working with a consultant is very cost-efficient and effective. Most of our clients have worked with us on multiple projects, and continue to treat us as a valuable part of their organization. Call on us to help with:

Business planning

  • Writing and reviewing business plans
  • Conducting due diligence on acquisition targets
  • Fundraising and term negotiations
  • Creating executive presentations
  • Acting as interim CEO

Technology & product planning

  • Creating marketing requirements documents (MRDs)
  • Analyzing new markets for existing technologies
  • Evaluating the marketability of intellectual property
  • Planning and conducting developer conferences
  • Presenting new technology briefs and seminars

Marketing communications

  • Preparing global marketing plans
  • Developing strategic partnerships
  • Developing an in-house media relations program
  • Creating web sites, e-commerce sites, print collateral
  • Designing and implementing trade show plans

Product design & development

  • Designing digital hardware
  • Building prototypes
  • Developing electronic documentation control procedures
  • Programming software fo OSX, Symbian, and/or Windows
  • Managing outside or in-house projects

Technical writing & training

  • Drafting ISO-formatted standards documents
  • Writing white papers
  • Writing data sheets and application notes
  • Drafting training materials, leading training efforts
  • Preparing technical presentations

Consulting fees

As a service to our cost-conscious clients, we prefer to work on a flat-fee basis. For short projects, or more exploratory (i.e., less-defined) projects, we charge an hourly fee. This fee ranges from $50/hour to $150/hour, depending on the consultant assigned and the expected duration of the project. Contact us for more specific details.