We are a private consultancy specializing in strategic planning, market analysis, fundraising, and technical communications.

"We help bright companies compete today, by planning for tomorrow."

Q. Can we apply our existing technology in new ways? What is the opportunity? the risk?

Q. How can we raise working capital to expand our business?

Q. We've got limited resources to support standards development. What strategy makes sense for us?

Q. How can we improve our image and customer support?

A. The PearLuna Group can work with you to answer these questions (and others).

Recent Clients

Impinj Corporation. Drafted a proposed ISO/IEC standards document for radio-frequency identification (RFID) devices.

Open Interface. Prepared a new market strategy and wrote technical specifications for Bluetooth audio, home control, and imaging products.
Rane Corporation. Designed an Internet spotlight for installers of Rane's pro audio products.
Mondeo. Designed and built an online store for designer home furnishings & interiors.